My Initial Take on Tesla

By Dr. Mingda Pang

In recent years, EV sales have experienced a boom. Several factors are responsible for the change in the automobile industry, including innovation and consumer expectations. TESLA (Tesla Motors Inc.) was a key player in introducing electric cars into the mainstream. The Tesla, Inc. company was founded by Elon Musk in 2003 and specializes in building electric cars, engines, and large batteries for household use. The company’s HQ is in Palo Alto. The mission of Tesla’s founder, CEO, and chairman Elon Musk is to make electric cars mass-market as soon as possible.

Overview of Tesla
As an engineering business, Tesla. specializes in designing propulsion systems used for electric cars. These systems include batteries, motors, power electronics, and software for control. Models made by other companies, as well as Tesla, are capable of modularity. A combustion engine has more moving parts than a non-combustible engine. As part of Tesla Motors’ efforts to reduce the resistance of their motors, they use copper windings and rotors. Patents are used by Tesla in the manufacture of its products. Electric motors produce torque during driving, and electrical outlets are used to recharge the batteries.
Tesla’s single-gear gearboxes use induction motors to provide high torque and speed simultaneously. Taking care of that is Tesla’s responsibility. It is no secret that electric cars have a lot of processors in them. Many processors use this type of algorithm to handle acceleration, traction, and regenerative braking, as well as the charging of batteries. Tesla designs the bodies, chassis, interiors, heating, cooling, and heating system to create its cars. When it comes to the design of a classic car, many things need to be changed. Tesla Motors has a new climate control system to handle the battery pack’s temperature

Why Tesla stands out
It is Tesla’s mission to provide eco-friendly transportation solutions. With the introduction of renewable energy, Tesla will constantly revolutionize the industry. It aims to accomplish the following:
High-end quality Upfront
The first step should be to sell high-end Tesla Roadster models. Because these cars have a long battery life, they do not have a short range and are fast, heavy, or ugly compared to the average vehicle. Tesla produced 500+ units every year over time.
Affordable quality
We must reduce costs and build more cars to increase sales. Model S was capable of competing with luxury sedans in the luxury segment. Tesla Model X is also built on the same platform as the Model S.  As a result; it is a low-cost, high-volume vehicle. Tesla’s Model 3 is a direct result of its predecessors. Model Y, powered by a similar platform, is powered by a similar engine.
Customer-direct sales
As an alternative to selling through retailers, Tesla sells directly to consumers. As far as showrooms and galleries are concerned, most of its locations are urban.
Personalized Sales
The fact that Tesla has its own sales channel allows it to develop products more quickly. It results in a better level of customer service for our clients. Tesla showrooms are conflict-free. In terms of sales and service, Tesla takes care of everything.
Supercharging Worldwide
Almost 35,000 Tesla Superchargers worldwide enable you to charge your Tesla in 15 minutes for less than a gallon of gas. A cheaper, easier-to-maintain electric car is the goal.

Tesla Modern Models
Eberhard initially ran the company, Musk designed the car, and Straubel worked on the mechanics. Thus, the Tesla Roadster came from Lotus Elise. Tesla’s bodywork is carbon fiber, while Lotus’s is fiberglass. In May 2006, Musk and other investors invested $40 million. From the sales of the first car, it would develop affordable cars to prove that the electric vehicle could compete with the best.

What is Tesla’s status as a tech company?
The company is considered more of a tech company by analysts and investors. A stock price increase of 300% was justified by it in 2013, the year of its initial public offering.
Tesla has a lot of things in common with those in the tech industry as well. The growth of Tesla is based on industry principles. As part of its plan to disrupt the old-school auto industry, Tesla intends to sell directly to customers. It is not surprising that Tesla investors continued to invest even though it suffered quarterly losses during that period. Since 2021, Tesla has made a profit for the first time.

Electric cars can’t take off without on-the-go charging. American, European, and Asian Superchargers will keep growing. Tesla didn’t invent electric vehicles. The charging network addresses the greatest barrier (long trips) to adopting electric vehicles. Among the reasons for Tesla’s stock rise is its innovative business model.